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I have to pick between those two LCD TV's. They are pretty much the only ones in my price range, 32 inch, and in black. I've read about some issues regarding the XD system on the LG, that enhances IQ from a analog signal, and it seems to have issues with 'light' faces on a dark background.

As for the Toshiba, I've barely found info about it, so hopefully someone here can tell me something about it. So it's between those two, unless someone has really convincing arguments not to buy either, but to buy a better quality 26" TV for the same price ( 450 euro's ) instead.

Any input would be appreciated. Since I'm on a somewhat tight budget I pretty much have to stick to 'older' models, and full HD isn't an option either. I have a 20" pc screen, so it has to be 26" or bigger, or it won't feel as a worthy investment for me :p

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