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Am I only one of a very few people that own this particular model of LG TV? Note the addition of the "U" on that model number. If you do a Google search, there's not even ONE reference to this model. If you go onto LG's own web site, they don't even have any reference to it.

Now the one place that did carry that model in this area, Circuit City, doesn't have it anymore, either. It seems now they are carrying the 32LC7D instead, just like everyone else. Now I notice, however, that this model (the 32LC7D, that is) has TWO HDMI connections...before I am told it only had one.

This is just weird...

BTW I also want to mention that I love this TV. It's our first LCD HDTV, and since we got in last Fall, it's been performing well for us. I wasn't looking for anything fancy at the time, just a decent LCD HDTV, and this one happened to be on sale at the time and had 2 HDMI connections, where many other models we were looking at at the time had just 1...since we were planning on getting HD cable and an HD upconverting DVD player, this was the perfect setup for us. So far, we've had no trouble with it whatsoever, and for what we want it to do, which is basically watch TV and DVDs, it's perfect.
IMO it's got good picture quality, decent sound, etc. (especially since we have digital cable and HDTV channels, as well).

I'd be interesting in hearing about other people's opinions of this model of TV so far, and how they've performed now that you may have owned this particular LG LCD for more than a few months.

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