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I'm in the market to buy a TV and am currently looking at the LG 42" 42LC2D TV. I have been to a few stores to see it in person, for some reason certain things just seem pixelated to me. I'm not sure if it is the signal coming into the TV or maybe the settings the store has it set to, but the picture does not seem to be as clear as I would have liked.

The Samsung 40" LCD HDTV (LN-S4041D) is also available at my local store for the same price of about $1200. The picture on the Samsung looked a lot clearer to me, but I'm not sure if it is the feed, or if the Samsung just has a better picture and is a better TV. I have to decide asap since there is only 1 Samsung left that I could get shipped into my local store.

I know Samsung inflates their contrast ratio, between them both, which one should have a better picture?

The QAM tuner that the LG has really doesn't do much for me since I'll have a cable box, the TV itself looks sharper with the glossy black finish.

Can someone suggest one between the 2? I have to make my decision ASAP.

I'd really appreciate any feedback as I've narrowed my selections to these 2 and have to buy one as soon as possible.


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