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I am trying to create a batch file that will control my LG 42LG30 TV from a Windows box to complete my Xibo setup. I have used the LG RS232 V2.4 application (Windows) to successfully control the TV (on, off, volume, etc). I cannot, however, get those commands to work via a dos cmd. I have tried many variations of "ECHO ka 01 00(CR) > com1:" ("ka 01 00" being the command the LG RS232 V2.4 application reports turns off the TV), but they will not work via cmd. I get no return data. Nor do I get an "Access is Denied" error. I get no response.

Can anyone provide an example of what the batch file would include to send "ka 01 00" to com1? I am connecting using a standard serial cable -- not using a USB-to-Serial adapter, and as I mentioned, the LG RS232 V2.4 application successfully controls every command I send the TV. Thank you.
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