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Hollo, i wasnt sure if post here but couldnt find info about this no where else...

I have a LG 42LH30FR made in korea on may 2009, it has a USB that can be use to watch DIVX, i dont care about that because y have onother device that does this.

The problem i have is the following, My brother has a LG 42LH30 made in mexico feb 2010 has a function to turn on the tv at the time I set , on the source i set, but mine has this very limited, i cant set any source , just on tv channels (no video or com or hdmi), i couldn find what version he has but mine has 3.09, im guessing that with an update mine will also get those function (maybe more), but i havent found any update for it, i found for other tvs in lgusb.wikispaces and some other websites, can some one guide me pleas
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