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LG 42LP1D, how to get to service menu?

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Ive asked about the firmware before and didnt get anything. I did manage to find my sd card that had the firmware on it and restore the data.

However now i cant remember how i got into the service menu to do the update. I had done it before. But the tv broke and i sent it in and they replaced the main board. Now i got old firmware that wont work with my cable card.

Which is why i cant get any support from LG cause this TV has cable card and they have stopped supporting tvs with cable cards.

There is no OK or ENTER button on the front of the tv. So before anyone says that, dont bother.

The service menu comes up with just the remote. I do remember that i just dont remember how. LOL

Also dont need any replies saying "oh why do you need to do that? YOu wanna void your warranty, blah blah blah, why dont i mind my own business and let people do whatever they wanna do." Sorry for being rude but these responses are useless and annoying and generally the first to come when a question like this is asked.

I dont want a cable box and the only thing i need to avoid it is to get into this service menu. So help would be appreciated.
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It's dangerous in the service menu. Lot's of people screw up their TVs. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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