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I own an LG 42pc3d that I purchased last summer (in July). Overall I am really satisfied with it, I love the picture quality and the sound is very good too, as are the features.

However, a somewhat annoying problem has gradually evolved in the last 2 months or so. When a very bright scene is quickly followed by a black scene I can see dozens (or hundreds, depending on the size of the area) of red "sparkles" where the bright image was. They last for only like 0.5 seconds. This phenomenon is most visible when I change inputs and go through a few unused inputs (black screen, no signal). The input indicator white box in the upper right corner leaves an ugly red sparkling silhouette for a half a second on the black screen when it goes away. But like I said occasionally I can see it during movies too, especially good quality HD channels showing high contrast light/dark movie scenes (Law and Order, Without a Trace etc.)

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. I emailed LG and received what I assume a quazi-automatic response suggesting that I contact my local LG repair place.

So any has seen anything like this?
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