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LG 47LG90 TV less than 60 days old has an intermittent problem, happens about 1 in 3 times the TV is powered on. This is INCREASING by the day/week, as it was only about 1 in 10 times a couple of weeks ago. Infuriatingly, and of course, the issue did not present itself at all until after the 14 day return window had passed.

Step by step here's what happens:

1. Power on the TV from standby

2. Red standby light pulses about 3 times as usual

3. Backlight comes on at full brightness across the entire display (this TV has LED and Local Dimming, but you'd never know it at this time: it looks like a full CCFL backlight)

4. Power light turns to blue and sound starts playing

However, the actual picture never comes on. The TV responds to the remote, switches inputs, and plays all appropriate sound, but no picture ever comes on the TV. Not even the on-screen menus. Nothing, except the unusually bright backlight.

Upon turning the TV off and back on, sometimes it will then power on properly, picture and all. The issue is intermittent and unpredictable. It could happen 3 times in a row and then not happen again for, say, 5 more times after that.

So, some questions...

1. Is there any kind of DIY fix for this kind of thing? Firmware flash?

2. If not, do you think I could get LG to outright replace it with a different unit, given that the TV is just under 60 days old?

3. If that's not possible, what do I need to know so that I don't get jerked around by whatever incompetent bad-excuse-for-a-"repair" company they decide to send to my house? Am I better off selling the damn thing and starting over?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I did more testing but could not duplicate this issue (found my black screen was a different issue with AVR since on screen menu's worked). Call LG and have them send service person out to help you. Here are my answers:

1. No

2. LG most likely will not outright replace unit. Service person will come by first.

3. Keep a document with all calls made, names, times, and dates. This allows you to speak with authority if you are not getting good service. It also allows you to give your story to consumer affairs people who can help if you get totally jerked around.

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