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TV Info:


Model: 47LM4600-UC

Manufactured: September, 2012

Running Latest Software


Picture Settings:

Back Light --- 50



Brightness -- 51

Sharpness - 54





Color Temp 0


I purchased this TV used in December 2013 (it had been a floor model for roughly 14 months). After initially setting it up it operated perfectly for about 1 month, however recently when I turn the TV on the backlight seems to be off or "mostly off." After letting the TV set for anywhere from a few minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes, the backlight gradually comes in to full brightness and the TV operates normally for the rest of the duration that it is on. Once "warmed up" I can turn the TV off and on and it still operates normally.


This issue does not happen every single time the TV is turned on but has been occurring with increasing frequency as of late, which is more than a slight annoyance and is something I'd like to have repaired. I will link a video which demonstrates the problem.


My Question is:

What is the problem I am describing and how should  I go about fixing it?


Additional Info:

The TV has a number of screen imperfections, detailed in the following photos. Provided in case they might somehow provide additional information that might aid in those who take the time to respond diagnosing the issue described.


There are indentations on the rear of the TV which were present upon delivery (again this is a used floor model set), photos provided.


The TV is out of warranty, but again the set was operating normally with no problems for the first 1 month of ownership. The TV was assembled according to the manufacturers instructions and always handled with care. The Set has sat in my living room since arrival and transitioned from working to having this issue all while remaining basically static in my living room.


I paid $299 for this used TV and I think it was an excellent purchase for the meager price tag, with its known imperfections. The problem I am describing was obviously not a known issue (or at lest was not divulged to me) at the time of purchase. I am telling you this so that I don't receive a bunch of responses saying it would be worth it to fix it. If it costs around $100 to repair I will consider it worth doing.


Youtube linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esFP2RPI1mc&feature=youtu.be


2 "Extra Credit" Questions:


Picture of green frozen pixel..any way to fix such a thing?


Picture of what look like dark smudges (resemble dark fingerprints)

These dark smudges show up when a light image is displayed on the screen. Is there any way of fixing this?
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