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I've had my TV for a while and it's great with the exception of the input lag while gaming. But I bought an LG NB3520A Sound Bar System today and can't figure out how to make the sound sync up.

The Sound bar has an "A/V Sync" button but it makes it worse. The picture is delayed behind the sound, the sound is actually advanced, not delayed. So any adjustment to the A/V Sync just advances the sound even futher from the picture.

I've tried some of the same tricks to limit input lag while gaming like turning true motion on or off and different picture modes but that doesn't help.

I have the sound bar connected directly to the TV by optical while using the TV tuner and no cable or sat box. I've also tried connecting it directly to my LG BD645 Blu Ray disc player by optical and directly to my PS3 by optical while streaming video. None make a difference.

Tried calling LG and they said they'd call me back in 24-48 hours. I'm not counting on it. Damn people in India reading lines off their computer screen didn't seem to know a damn thing about the TV or sound bar.
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