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LG 48" DLP / HD2+ chip question...

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Hello everyone.

I was hoping that someone could answer a very simple question.

Unfortunately, getting all sorts of different answers to the simple question is the problem.

I bought an LG 48" DLP with the HD2+ chip.

On a certain website, it says that the resolution on this TV is 1024x768.

Isn't this completely wrong?

I thought that all HD2+ chips show up at 1280x720?

Someone then told me that the TV signal shows at 1280x720, but with a PC connection, i'd only get 1024x768? Is this possible? Rather, would it be likely?

Please help me.

P.S. i'd also like to know the cheapest place to get a RELIABLE DVI to DVI cable (15 feet).
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Someone then told me that the TV signal shows at 1280x720, but with a PC connection, i'd only get 1024x768? Is this possible? "

It's certainly possible that the computer input would be oddly limited. That happens a lot.

I can't really comment, though, because I don't know the TV in question.
The only 48" set sold in the US is an LCD projection. Still, it has a NR of 1280x720. What is the model # of your set?

Originally posted by sugarkang
Someone then told me that the TV signal shows at 1280x720, but with a PC connection, i'd only get 1024x768? Is this possible? Rather, would it be likely?
On most LG MDP sets that have an HD-15 input, they will only accept up to 1024x768 in PC mode. It should still work at 1280x720 (only if the refresh rate is 60 Hz). The only caveat is that the set would probably be operating in the video color space as opposed to PC color space.

howdy robert.

thanks for your reply.

so watching in the TV space rather than PC space would mean that my picture would have to be scaled, no?

the thing i'm most concerned about is a scaled picture. i'm ideally looking for a 1:1 ratio. aren't all samsungs a 1:1 ratio? please tell me if you know of other sets with perfect 1:1

to me that's worth the extra few hundred bucks.
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If you feed the set 1280x720 @ 60 Hz, it should not scale the picture if there is no overscan. I do not know if you can set the amount of overscan. That may be one of the differences between video and PC modes of the set.

PC video uses luminance values from 0 to 255 (0 is black, 255 is white), while TV video uses 16-235. This may cause a little loss of detail in the extreme lowlights and highlights if the set is not getting the same range it is expecting.

wow. i had no idea.

do the samsung sets work the same way? with the hd-15 or is there something else that allows for the samsung to show the exact PC output?

have you connected your LG to a PC? what's the picture like?

say for instance if you play a DVD on the PC as opposed to a standalone DVD player.

what about the 60hz refresh rate? shouldn't i at least have 70 or 75 to reduce headaches?

sorry for all the questions, but there's no way that i can test an LG set with a PC in any of the stores in my city.
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First I'd like to say wow not many Korean's are using DLP (the majority of the DLP sets are shipped here to the us.) SS and LG are both big into flatpanels (LCD and Plasma) especially with the average home being about 30 pyong (that's about 1000 sq ft) so space is everything. BTW, I love visiting Seoul, I go there at least once a year. I always get filled up with some good Galbi B.B.Q.

Ok back to the subject at hand. The native resultion of anything using the HD2+ DLP chip is going to be 1280x720.

Any TV source you have going to it is going to be scalled to that resolution.

As mentioned before the PC source by LG is typically taken to be 1024x768 (Typical 4:3 image size) that's the information that it expects the PC to provide it. This will be a 4:3 image (with sidebars added by the TV) on your screen instead of a 16:9. You're actually scalling down a bit to go from the 768 horizontal lines to 720 horizontal lines. This is a very straight forward scaling proceedure and looks great.

This is the best you're going to get when displaying a 4:3 PC image (which is what most PC video cards do, very few support a 16:9 native monitor as they are not common for PCs) When the microdisplays with 1920x1080 native resolution starts hitting the streets next year you'll see the native PC mode go to 1280x1024 which is the closest 4:3 common PC resolution for the 16:9 1920x1080 fixed pixel display.

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Some more info.

I think you'll find DVI-DVI cables cheaper in Korea than you'll be able to ship them from here (at least that's my experiences when buying electronics in Korea.) Go checkout Yongsan market.

I know that I've personally had difficulties trying to ship stuff to S.Korea and many online places want ship outside North America.
c1courtney... thanks for your replies!

i'm actually an american living in seoul. i've been here for two years and i really love it. my home is 22pyong, so a little small but it will fit a 44-48" TV no problem.

back to the issue:

did you happen to see my other thread regarding 1:1 pixel mapping?

this became an absolute need for me after seeing arun's website:

as you can see from that site, he's running an ATI card in 1280x720 mode.

while it's true, as you say, that most PC's are 4:3, my video card (ATI 9800pro) can definitely output at 1280x720. it can even do 1920x1080.

i don't want to buy a TV and have bars on the side.

my question is...

should i just buy the samsung? or am i totally missing something here?

is the LG capable of doing the same 1:1 pixel mapping?

your reply is really important because i bought the LG on sunday, then got a refund yesterday because i didn't think it would display PC output without scaling or bars.
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Arun's site is a great source of information. Unfortunetly Arun passed away earlier this year, he was a great source of information.

The information he gave on his site regarding 1:1 pixel mapping is right on target. But it the difference in the scaling of the 4:3 1024x768 to the 4:3 image in the 16:9 is going to give you a very good image. There's very little interpolation needed to be done. So if you were satisfied w/ the 4:3 I think you'd be happy.

That being said it sounds like you want to get the full 16:9 PC image. I can't seem to find a LG 48" DLP set on the net (even when to LG's Korean site) so I can't even find manuals for it. If you give a model number maybe somebody can dig up more info on it.

With that said you should be able to use the DVI port of the ATI 9800 Pro as input to the DVI of the TV and get your 1280x720 video.

Good Luck,

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the LG model # 48SZ71D

hd2+ chip / built in tuner

you know, i think i've found the answer for 1280.

i just have to find out if the TV support WXGA (wide xga).

i'm fairly certain that the LG does not and the samsung does.

a member on my other thread mentioned that i'd be able to display a 1280 picture on my tv, but i'd be limited to a 60hz refresh rate. that's the "headache" refresh rate in my opinion, and especially on a TV that big, you should have above 70hz.

arun's site said that he was using a samsung, so i think i'll just have to go with that. problem is that not even the kirk comes with a built in tuner, and i don't want to buy a separate set top box because i'm not going to ever get satellite.

the LG is pretty sweet. it's only downfall is the PC input i mentioned, otherwise it'd be a great buy and a perfect alternative to the sammy 74 series that people are waiting for (hd2+ in a table top.)
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