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I have been re-arranging my devices into different rooms, and have come across a problem with my 3rd HDMI input on the side of my LG Plasma TV.

I have removed the FetchTV PVR from the side HDMI 3 port where it worked fine, though took a few seconds for the TV to recognise the feed.

I wish to put one of these 3 devices into the HDMI port but they won't work

PS3- says "no signal" on screen

PC - says "no signal" on screen

Humax PVR, the Humax boot-up logo is displayed but then the screen goes blank and says "no signal"

Note that these devices work fine in HDMI ports 1 and 2 on the rear. And that I have tried various HDMI cables.

Also note that when I am looking at the input list on the TV screen and I power up the Humax or PS3 the HDMI 3 logo goes from "greyed-out" to black, indicating that is has noticed an incoming signal. but t the screen shows the results described above.

I assume the HDMI 3 is configured differently from the two om the rear but no idea how to get around this.

Any ideas?

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