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I have a LG 50PV450.UA manufactured October 2011. It was recently affected by a power surge which damaged the cable box it was connected to. It has the following symptoms:
1) Standby power works fine (LED lights once plugged in)
2) Main power works fine (TV responds to remote and boots to image, briefly)
3) After disconnecting it from AC power for around 30 minutes and reconnecting the display works fine (all menus display in accurate color with no lines on the screen). It responds to all remote control commands. It reads a USB memory stick and displays a JPEG image in full color/clarity.
4) After about 30 seconds to 1 minute, the display turns to very narrow green horizontal lines which are bouncing/scanning or goes completely blank.
5) About another short period of time it seems to go completely black - no image is displayed, though the LED indicator indicates that it is responding to remote commands. One time it came back on normal after a few more seconds and briefly displayed the menu and the "No Input Detected" message that hops around the screen.
6) Remote still works fine. Power off still works fine and goes into standby. When powering back on the image remains black until the power is disconnected for an extended period of time. If disconnected for a short period I did notice that the screen powers on with either brief green lines and once showed the source information box with a few narrow black lines through it for a couple seconds, then went fully black. Any ideas what board I should try first?
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