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There are 3 reviews from new owners on Amazon.

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Cross-posting my posts from the global LG 2014 thread:

I received my 55LB7200 over the weekend. Here are some initial impressions.

  • Nearly bezel-less form factor is very nice. The unit looks very sleek hung on my wall.
  • The narrow array speakers and built in subwoofer won't blow anyone away, but it's punchy and more than acceptable for my usage as a home office display.
  • WebOS is very slick. It's very responsive and fluid with the magic remote.
  • Passive 3D is very nice. My old Active 3D DLP was harder to enable and the shutter glasses a little more of an obstacle than the passive glasses on this set. Some sources exhibit worse aliasing than others, but true 3D sources look very nice on this set.

  • My initial setup was marred by the fact that I *could not* get the set to resolve a Dynamic IP from my router, although the router logs showed it was assigning a value to the TV. I settled on configuring it manually in the TV, and that seems to be working fine, if a bit of a nuisance.
  • My initial impression of the screens DSE focused largely on two slightly darker columns each about 3 inches in from their respective edges. The right column in particular looked so bad as to be a distraction. After hanging it on the wall, and considering my final vantage point, the bad right side was *much* reduced and both sides now look quite tolerable.
  • While the overall look of all included apps is very nice, Netflix, in particular, is a bit sketchy in that it will outright refuse to play with some frequency. While it could be a bandwidth issue, I don't have any such problem on any of my other Netflix sources.
  • While hardly a big deal, the LG App store still reports TBA for this set. That said, on-board apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon video cover most important bases.

I haven't begun any *real* tweaking of the set other than to use the built-in wizard. My initial impressions are that the set can deliver a very nice picture.

My daughter's Disney's Pirate Fairy BD looked exceptionally sharp and vibrant when left to the TV's auto settings mode.

On a test of Nightmare Before Christmas, the winter scene with all of the Christmas lights was very punchy and crisp. Other darker scenes were only casually observed due to time constraints, and I'd like to do a proper set of options before weighing in too heavily, but they necessarily lacked the pop of more colorful scenes.

The only source I'm using at present is my PS3 and the on-board apps. I tried MLB 14 and while it looks very good, it is a native 720p game and with the TV in Game mode, there's considerable aliasing and while certainly an attractive game, it's not a great showpiece so I'll need to move some of my other sources to test out the set at some point soon.

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