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Hello all. About a week ago I purchased an LG 55LD520 as it was on sale, and I'm trying to determine if I like it and want to keep it. I've heard both good things from users and mediocre things from reviewers. People that have them seem to really like them and they are very adjustable. I've followed the instructions in the official thread and the calibration is looking good. However, I have noticed one thing that I'm trying to discern as a defect, my specific setup, or just poor quality:

The outer vertical edges (left and right side) are noticeably less saturated than the center. The left side is more so. This seems to change slightly if I maneuver side to side, but I'm basically sitting front and center with my eyes approximately 7 feet from the screen.

Does anyone have any tips on this? Is this just the way these units are, or is it possibly that my unit is defective? Should I try and adjust my viewing environment? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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