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I recently purchased the LE 55LE5400 led to run with my existing home theater setup. The receiver is a HK AVR 254. I have all components running into the receiver via HDMI with one HDMI from Receiver to TV. This is the same setup I ran on my former TV and it worked fine. The HDMI connection on the tv is to input 4 as there is no HDMI output on the tv.

Problem- When I turn my system on via Harmony one or without Harmony I get a blank screen with "No Signal" appearing. Sometimes it works fine and displays but usually not without rebooting or fiddling. Once the picture is up it is perfect. LG is telling me that the TV has no Video out so I have to run every thing to the tv bypassing the receiver and using the audio out back to the receiver. Totally unacceptable to me. Not an option for several reasons. It it possible that a current LED is cannot run through the receiver via one HDMI?

I am just a home enthusiast not a pro so any help would be appreciated.
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