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I love my LG, but i noticed when streaming from Netflix or using a flash drive, the Trumotion settings must turn back on since all I see is soap opera effect. When you click the TV settings button in Netflix, it won't bring them up. So I go back to the intro smart screen and still won't let me view settings. On the flash drive it allowed me to change it back to no Trumotion but I believe it was since I could get back to when I first turned on the drive I could edit settings.

The Trumotion never has to be reset on the TV itself since it never changes or defaults. Does anyone know why the TV reverts to Trumotion (it's the original factory setting) or how to fix it? It will not allow me to bring up settings for some reason when in the smart area. It makes no sense since I think you should be able to bring up any settings regardless of what you are doing.

Any help would be appreciated.
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