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Originally Posted by dwahid  /t/1466633/lg-60pm6700-headphones-help-please#post_23161973

I have a new lgpm6700 that i would like to connect headphones to either bluetooth or rca can anyone please help me with this problem

I don't think you can connect to this TV.

Most headphones come with a 1/4" stereo jack plug (6.35 mm), so unless your TV has that type of plug along with some kind of a amp you can't.

If you have a AVR or source player with a headphone jack that would be the easiest way to connect headphones.

I guess you could look at some wireless headphones, but still you would have to have something to connect the base unit to for the audio. I would think some types of these wireless headphones have BT or wi-fi built in.

Just make sure this type of headphone is compatable to what ever you are using to broadcast the audio.

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