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Searching and still confused about these two.

I know 3D looks like it's going away but now I see 3D with no glasses coming soon in 80 & up size.

Just sold my older Samsung LED DLP 67 and now want an 84 4k 3D

Maybe I can get some input on which I should purchase.

I see the Toshiba is less expensive. That is not the deciding factor.

I would like to know which, LG 84LM9600 vs Toshiba 84L9300

Which one has the better up convert to 4K

Which one has the better 2d to 3d conversion

Which one has the best stand alone audio.

I would like one of them to have a sub-woofer output. I have a powered sub-woofer.

I do have the older Yamaha YSP4000 sound bar.

Only use it for certain programs. Sports etc.

Just want the TV speakers and add the sub-woofer to it.

It look like neither one has any analog audio outputs.

I do not want a tv with active glasses so most of any other is out of the picture.

One last thing. I noticed one dealer is saying the Toshiba is no longer available. Discontinued. is that correct/

I thought the Toshiba 84 entered the market well after LGs 84.
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