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I have an LG BP200 blu-ray player in my living room (DivX Plus HD Certified) and I play my MKV/MP4 movies on it. The image and everything is super crisp and awesome. However, I have an issue with the chapters. I use MKVToolNix where I remux my MKV/MP4 files with subtitles and chapter files. The subtitles play perfectly but my LG BP200 does not recognize the chapters. It reads the movie as 1 file. I have a Toshiba blu-ray player in my bedroom and that does recognize the chapters in the same exact MKV/MP4 file, enabling me to skip from chapter to chapter instead of forwarding to the point I was before.

This issue vexes me and I'm wondering why my LG BP200 doesn't recognize chapters from my MKV/MP4 files. It does recognize regular DVD's and Blu-Rays chapters, but it doesn't on my MKV/MP4 files. And I'm refraining from converting them to DVD format (tends to ruin the video quality).

Anyone with any advide is welcome!

Thanks in advance,

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