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Hi all,

I am new to the forum having bought a few days ago a LG BP 420, This is my first Blu-Ray player and first experience of smart tv.

I am located in Brasil so there may be slight differences in my actual player, and definately different streaming services available.

The 420 is connected to a Samsung Home theatre system, HT D-450, with 5.1 Surround sound.

The connection is as follows : 420- Samsung HT Amp- Optical Audio (No HDMI input on amp)

Samsung HT AMP - HD TV - HDMI connection,

The set up seems to work very well for an entry level system, I will use it mainly for streaming youtube content and for the internet radio via V-TUNER , both of which are pre installed " Premiun apps" on the Brasilian model.

I have also tried the LG BLU RAY smart app for Android on both my cell phone (android 4.1.2) and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 (android 4.1.1) The app functions well on both these devices. Also had a play with DLNA ,I am able to stream from the 2 Android devices mentioned and aslo from my windows 7 64 bit laptop without any problems.

A question re audio, when reading the manual Page 27 on my online version, "Digital Output" I need to select the third method,

[DTS Re-Encode] (HDMI, OPTICAL) for connection to my system as it appears to be the only option to connect to a mutli -channel amp via an optical connection only, however this option mentions a DTS AMP, My amp supports both DTS and Dolby Digital. Does this mean in fact I am, and can only use DTS, NOT Dolby for surround sound as my amp does NOT have an HDMI input ? Not a problem because the 5.1 surround appears to work well connected as such, just a point of interest, I have looked at the Appendix on page 56 , "Audio Output Specifications", but do not fully understand it. The AMP just shows D.IN on its dislpay panel when playing a DVD With 5.1 Surround.

Another question is V-Tuner, it seems to be working well in streaming various stations from around the world BUT the search function seems to miss out many stations, I am aware that some stations ie AAC format are not available via my system, but two local stations I searched in the UK (re-checked exact spelling)-did not appear, I streamed another station from the same region, when I next opened the V-Tuner app, the original "missing stations" appeared in "editors pick" and then streamed perfectley and have been saved as favourites, Anyone esle had this strange issue ?

Another question, is it possible to install streaming apps available in a different region on the player ?,

Many thanks in Advance for any answers or views on the LG BP420,

Best wishes to all.

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