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Lg c1 best buy price match help/ advice

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Looking at getting the 77" c1 from Best Buy along with the geek squad warranty. I went by there yesterday and the guy said they will only price match "Authorized dealers" and that they don't offer military discounts which I know they have in the past. What has been the best deal you have had them price match and/or Should I wait till July 4th weekend to make my purchase. Thanks!
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Best Buy has gotten really strict on their price matching in the last few years
If online its one of a few sites that they will match..Amazon.com...walmart.com being a couple of them
They will match local stores but they have to be shown that the item is in stock at the competitor

In either case they will not match an unauthorized dealer
Not sure where you are located ...But I had heard a store on the west coast...Video Only...was selling 77" CX for $2199 and 77" C1 for $2700

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See if you can buy the floor standing display model.

I recently picked up a 77' CX for $2250.

The local store had a Store Display model 77" LG CX with 126 Hours of on/run Time.

It was from the Navy Exchange. They gave me 20% because it was the floor standing model.
Plus they had the scratch off, of which i got an additional 5% off. So a total of 25% off

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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