The LG HU915Q-B is the new flagship ultra short throw (UST) from the company known for OLED and amazing tone mapping in their TVs. LG promises better blacks in this UST and the benefits of a tri-laser for color in this unit that’s designed for a light-controlled environment.

A UST specifically designed for home theater use from LG? Intriguing!

This unit is a tri-laser 3000 lumen ultra short throw projector with HDMI 2.1 inputs but is held to DLP’s current limitations of 60HZ.


The HU915B is an extremely easy projector to set up and on-par with most USTs on the market. My only complaint is the use of manual focus (a wheel on top of the unit). This makes it hard to focus if you own a UST credenza where the unit is under a pane of glass. If you don’t, however, then it’s a moot point.

The out-of-the-box color accuracy left something to be desired on this unit. Thankfully it was easily corrected. I only mention this because of how easy it was for me to dial it back in and get rather good accuracy. Moving around the menus and changing the PQ showed the design was quite intuitive.

For testing purposes I hooked the LG UST up to both a Kaleidescape directly and an XBOX Series X.

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Using the Kaleidescape I like to start off with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The opening scene is ideal for testing purposes. On my reference UST, the Hisense L9G, it shows incredible HDR detail and a wide color gamut is actually noticeable. In comparison with the Hisense the LG is noticeably different.

The LG has better blacks and the contrast is significantly better.

The LG has vastly superior HDR handling with much better processing going on. This is entirely noticeable through the whole opening credit scene. The LG doesn’t have the sharpness of the Hisense but you can only really notice when paused and comparing.

The LG picture has slightly better depth, better blacks, and more accurate color if not as wide a color gamut. Plus is has better motion handling with processing going on.

As the Kaleidescape moved on to Ready Player One and the race for the egg scene, the improvements LG has brought to the UST landscape become evident. I love the Hisense but this LG truly shines here. The better blacks and even the color seemed to just work better.

With the Hisense the colors are sometimes overly intense in some scenes and it reminds you that you’re watching a movie/tv. You don’t get that with the LG.

Moving on to Bladerunner 2049 the LG continues to impress. Recently I saw this scene on the ultra-premium JVC RS-4100 and never saw it look so clear. While I did not get quite that level from the LG, I did get the wide color benefit where you see shades of red in the sand of Vegas you just don’t see on the JVC.

The LG performed exceptionally in The Meg, a film that generally separates those that can from those that can’t in regards to HDR. Once again LG showed off its HDR tone mapping. Add in the fact that 3,000 lumens from 7 inches away from the wall can get higher nits than even the 3000 lumen JVC RS-4100 and I’m truly impressed.

There is also a white/rose gold version of this LG UST for well-lit rooms that is 700 lumens brighter and features less contrast.


Everyone has a new UST coming out. Everyone! So far the only ultra short throw with better contrast is the Sony SXRD model, priced at a loft $15,000

Currently the flagship from Hisense comes with a screen for about $1,500 less than the LG. I found that with my HTPC with a MadVR on it that the performance of the Hisense for the money is still hard to beat.

Then there is AWOL. They have an incredible unit for the price. Lastly of course is Wemax or the new upcoming American T1 which offers amazing blacks but needs external processing.


The LG CineBeam HU915B is another AVS Forum Top Choice Award winner. For around $7,000 you can’t get an overall better UST than the LG.

Remember you will need a screen - I recommend the Spectra UST screen or the Screen Innovations UST material.

The LG brought impressive blacks – I was getting a 3,700 to 1 contrast.

When you combine everything this LG brings to the table you get an amazing choice for a dedicated theater in a smaller room where you don’t have the room for a proper projector due to throw distance restraints.

I love where USTs are going and if you haven’t seen how advanced these TV and projector alternatives have come I suggest checking out the LG. It’s proof that UST is here to stay and impress.

Note: the LG HU915Q-B may not be available for purchase yet at the time of this review