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LG EDTV intermittent flicker

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I got an LG RU-42PX11 EDTV last week. Something I have noticed from time to time is a little flicker while watching via my Motorola BMC9012 x/Moxi DVR. It's also being used to do channel selection.

It's not the same type of flicker you get when you watch a CRT under flourescent lights. But every now and then I will notice a slight flicker going on. I think I even noticed it while watching a DVD but I have to try it again to make sure.

Is this typical of plasma dislplays or just ones that don't cost $3000+? When I was comparing at the store I didn't notice it during their HD feed.

I need to know if this is what I can expect or is it faulty and be returned.
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It's your DVR....I have that same panel (except it carries the Zenith name) and the pq is degraded a little watching through my TIVO. Hook your coax cable directly into "antenna A" and I'll bet the flicker goes away. Also...have you tweaked the settings at all? The factory settings for each input are horrible.
I have the same TV (LG RU-42PX11 EDTV) and don't ever notice any flicker type stuff on any of my display inputs...

Motorola HD/DVR cable box...Denon 1910 DVD palyer...Mitzub. VCR...

Call your cable co. and have them bring you out a new box...It ain't the TV IMO....

Also check your wire connections to make sure they're plugged in solidly...or If absoultly necessary..buy a new cable/component wire and test it out..
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