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LG Guys, are the LH30, and the LH40 panels the same?!?!

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Im doing some shopping.

I dont need 120 hertz. However, I notice an advertised better dynamic contrast on the LH40 over the 30. Is this marketing bull, is the panel the exact same?!?!

Contrast means a lot to me.

Any ideas as to the actual static contrast ration on the LH30 series vs the LH 40 series?!?

The price difference is quite a bit, and I dont need the 120, but the better the contrast, the happier I am!
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if you search AVS Forum for "Lg xxlh30" you will find that KVW has tested both TVs you need to read through the whole thread, lots of good info in there on the LG H30 & LG H40 series.

(sorry I'm not allowed to give you a direct link, I don't have enough posts)

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