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So I looked online about fixing it, reset buttons, replacing the power things in it, etc. 

I'm a newbie so if I opened the TV up I wouldn't know what to do at all and I don't think there is a reset button on it.

I tried unplugging it and waiting 5 minutes, did not work. Tried turning on and off, nope.

Was playing my Xbox One then the thing suddenly turned off.

Turned on again but then everything started to stretch out then it died.

The power thing is still red, and when I unplug it and plug it back in it makes this whirl noise as if a PC is starting up then it stops after 3 seconds.

I only bought the damn thing 4 months at Target and not sure if it even had a warranty with it.

Is the only way to fix it by opening it up? I'm a newbie at all that so yeah. Thanks!
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