Ultra Short Throw projection is having a moment at CEDIA 2019. LG has a new, ultra short throw DLP-based laser light source UST projector in the HU85LA. I saw it in action on the show floor in Denver where it worked to overcome the rather extreme brightness of the show floor.

Notably, this projector does not use a "single laser plus color wheel" design for the light source, instead it has a three-laser system that generates the RGB primaries.

Priced at $6999, this projector accepts 4K resolution and HDR10. It is able to produce 2700 lumens with its laser light source, so it turns on fast, runs quiet, and lasts for years - see all the specifications  here . Smart TV functionality is built in, as is a speaker, so this UST projector can be used as a standalone entertainment device.

Control the LG CineBeam and all compatible smart home devices with the projector's combined AI ThinQ and Google Assistant. Zero Step Previews allows you to explore and enjoy a variety of TV shows and movies with a simple connection to your Wi-Fi network, and wireless mirroring uses Miracast to project content from mobile devices onto a large projection screen. The LG CineBeam can also be paired with Bluetooth-enabled audio products for great sound.

The HU85LA is able to project an image between 90 inches and 120 inches on a UST compatible screen while sitting mere inches from the wall.

This is an attractive, very unobtrusive projector that looks like it would be at home in the living room. At $6000 the price is hardly trivial, but in the world of 4K UST laser projectors, the price is quite low.

This projector is already available for sale but I included it because UST projectors represent a mini-trend at this point.