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I have been playing with this player for about 2 weeks.


DCDi by Faroudja

Memory card reader (all formats)

HDMi connector

Upconverts through component (non macrovision) and HDMI (everything?)

Divx X 1,2,3 compatible

199 $ canadian


Flimsy tray

A little noisy


No upconversion for hollywood titles through component is an irritant, but expected. Tried it on a backup of Shrek 2, and it works well, but I now believe that upconversion is mostly for CRT based display. On my fixed pixel display (BenQ PB6200), I preferred the image at 480p (very good) compared to 1080i. Not to mention I would hate giving up DCDi with 1080i. Add to this the fact my projector has a problem with HD color space (green undersaturation), and I will be using it in 480p. Divx capacity is impressive, with resolutions up to 1024*576 supported. Overall I was very happy, and the player is not calibrated yet. No macroblocking yet, but I think my display is not susceptible to it.
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