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Hi everyone,

I came across this LG M3201C 32 COMMERCIAL monitor and was wondering if anybody had any experience using this or any other commercial tv.

I would include the link, but my post count does not allow it. Just search for LG M3201C and you'll find it.

Is the quality of the television significantly better than consumer level televisions. I know these monitors are meant to be on 18-24 hours/day and they do come with a 3-year swap warranty as opposed to the typical 1-year warranty of most consumer level televisions.

BTW, I'll be using this strictly for use as a television, not a computer or display monitor. I would ideally like it to replace my current television, and be the center piece of my home theatre (until I move into a bigger place of course).

Another question I have is regarding options, in terms of the typical options found on consumer level televisions - like PiP, last channel, channel and input labeling, etc. basically those options we all take for granted that are included in most consumer level tvs. Would this tv have all those?

The reason I'm asking these question is a) the price of this monitor just dropped to about what a comparable consumer level monitor would cost, and b) I have been unable to get this information by calling the store (computer store - customer service is not good).

Thanks for any insight you can provide
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