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*PLEASE: i ask the mods not change this thread and mix it in the middle of others - it´s impossible to keep tracking of the subject and i really wish to get some proper answers.

Hi all,

Recently i got a LG OLED B7 to hook up with my PS4PRO - i don´t see TV at all i just play video games.
So to make things clear i have everything properly connected and i even spent money ona Certified HDMI cable to connect both systems. I have been reading a lot about the subject and my doubts grow bigger and bigger and it seems there is a lot of missunderstanding about optimal settings.

- settings
- color banding

- how to set up the PS4 PRO for best graphics possible. RGB full or limited? RGB or YUV? Auto or Manual?
- on the OLED TV which settings to use? i use Game Mode with all post processing OFF. what else should i choose?

- using everything set on AUTO i get a pretty bad color banding (ex: Battlefield1, looking at the sky gradient or smike areas). For me it´s a really big dissapointment since i spent a lot of money on this TV and as we speak i dont´know if it´s TV fault´s or PS4PRO, what´s up with thus?

Guys i really appreciate your help on this since i am tired of reading and got to no conclusions.

Since this is a highly praised forum i hope i can get some light on this subject.

Thanks in avdance!

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Please do not start new threads. Please use either the existing owner's thread for your display, the banding thread, or the gaming threads. We are not allowing any more threads on banding or IR.
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