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I obtained the LG Optimus "phone" for viewing 3D videos - the glassless 3D 4.3" screen is the best viewing device I have ever used - better than 55" active shutter plasma, 32" 3D passive. Fully immersive, plenty of popout when it is there, and full color and high resolution. The device plays any resolution sbs (1/2 frame) 3D video. But, it also takes 3D still and videos. Is it a decent 3D video camera?

Shots from a bicycle marathon and indoor cafe using both 3D cameras. My judgement: the Optimus has lower sharpness and less good color than the Bloggie outdoors and indoors, but the 3D effect is somewhat better in these mid-distance shots from the Optimus.

This is to be expected, given that the Bloggie shoots at 108030p and the Optimus at 72030p, but the interaxial distance is a bit wider on the Optimus.

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