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LG.Philips LCD Unveils 52-Inch TFT-LCD for HDTVs

December 6, 2002 12:00am

Source: PR Newswire

PR Newswire Leased Lin : World's TFT-LCD Market Leader Develops

World's Largest TFT-LCD Prototype

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Further setting the pace

in the large-area thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays

(TFT-LCDs) space, LG.Philips LCD Co., Ltd. today unveiled its latest

TFT-LCD offering for HDTVs, the 52W, a 52-inch wide-screen model. The

largest TFT-LCD to ever be demonstrated, the 52W has a superior

resolution of 1920 x 1080, featuring 2.07 million pixels -- more than

seven times a standard definition (SD) television and twice as many

as that found in many HDTVs -- ultimately delivering the best image

available for TFT-LCDs. Leveraging the company's

Super-In-Plane-Switching (S-IPS) technology, the 52W also boasts the

world's widest viewing angle (176 degrees), with a minimum of color

shift and incorporates a modern, "wide" aspect ratio of 16:9.

Until now, commercialization of extremely large TFT-LCDs (over

50-inches) was considered impossible. LG.Philips LCD has successfully

developed the 52W prototype and plans to begin mass production in

late 2003. With the addition of the new 52-inch display, LG.Philips

LCD now offers the widest range of TFT-LCDs for television

applications, including its 13-inch, 15.1-inch, 17W, 20.1-inch, 23W,

30W and 42W displays.

According to a recent report* from Austin, Texas-based DisplaySearch,

Sharp leads the LCD TV market with 48.4 percent market share, while

LG.Philips LCD is close on Sharp's heels with a 35.5 percent share.

Other competitors have no more than a 6.8 percent share. According to

this report, the overall LCD TV market is expected to grow

dramatically over the next four years

-- increasing from 1.3 million units in 2002 to more than 16.1

million units by 2006*. This growth will further accelerate when

digital broadcasting becomes more mainstream.

"LG.Philips LCD is committed to capturing a significant share of the

LCD TV market over the next few years. The development of the 52W is

the latest in this effort and complements our complete line-up of

solutions tailored for this burgeoning sector, which holds tremendous

growth potential for our industry with the implicit advantages of

TFT-LCDs, like lower power, less weight, less thickness, higher

resolution, and a longer lifetime over competing technologies such as

PDP," said Bruce Berkoff, LG.Philips LCD's executive vice president

of marketing.

*Quarterly LCD TV Shipment and Forecast, Q3 '02, DisplaySearch
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