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So I bought my 42PC5D back in April from Best Buy, I got a good deal so I jumped on it. For the first hundred hours I had contrast and brightness around 50% and I would still notice a little Image Retention after a static image was on the screen for a couple minutes, I assumed this was normal and would get better with age.

Well about 1 month ago, I started noticing alot of red pixels and sparkles on the screen. So I called LG and they found a repair shop who came and got the TV kept it for a week and brought it back. They lowered the voltages on 2 or 3 separate boards inside the TV. Now the pixels are gone for the most part, the are still there for the first couple minutes the tv is on but after it warms up they disappear.

I had been running the TV in the low power mode which seemed to help with IR but after trying it in low power off mode the IR will be visible after 10 seconds of the tv menu being on screen. Along with alot of sparkles where the menu was.

My question is, even if I call the repair shop back and they try to fix it again, nothing is going to fix the IR correct? I don't think a voltage issue is causing it, so how do I go about getting a new tv? I just want one that works right, I would take the same model, I mean maybe I just got a really bad one but what will have to happen before LG will issue a new tv?

Maybe I'm wrong maybe the voltage issue will help with IR? IDK, so I'm asking for any info that may help. Sorry for the long winded post I just wanted to provide the whole backstory.

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