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LG RZ-37LZ55 Calibration

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:rolleyes: I recently bought LG RZ-37LZ55 lcd tv and tried to calibrate it with Digital video essentials.The result was very poor because i have dificulties to understand (and navigate) the damn calibration Dvd.

Has anyone calibrated the above tv set?

If yes can you please post the proper settings?

Does anyone know how to enter the service menu? (it asks a 4 digit code)

Thanks in advance
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have u tried calling the manufactor to get that code usually its 0000 or 1234

Manufacturers do not usually give out service menu access codes to the consumer.

I agree they dont provide service codes. I searched the internet found some codes but they dont work.Also its rather difficult to find an Isf technician here in Greece.In my humble opinion Calibration Dvds dont stand against a pro calibrator.
I also want to inform other people interested for this Lg model that is quite a catch for the money you spent,picture quality is very good, the only cons i noticed is that remote control is a bit slow and sound quality is average like all slim tv sets.
How do you get to the service menu in the first place?!

Also is there any way to replace the light grey border with a black one?

(I.e. this is the border that appears in 4:3 and 14:9 mode to indicate the edge of the picture.)

Even better, is there a way to force zoom below 100%? (I.e. to underscan the picture.)
I have now found how to reach the password for the service menu (by holding down the menu key for 5 seconds).

Still can't get in though!
If anyone here does get in, PLEASE post here the default values.

I accidentally started everything by reseting mine and the image is now poor :(
Sorry for my english.

You must hold down menu key on remote and on tv in the same time for 5-10 sec.

In the left side on screen you see for 0.5 sec service menu,in thi moment leave both menu keys.If service menu don't stay on screen repeat it again.On my LG it works.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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