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I have an old LG Electronics 26LE5500 TV to which I had a RaspberryPi connected (running Kodi). I used HDMI-CEC (called "SimpLink" by LG) to control the RaspberryPi via the TV's remote, which worked perfectly fine.

However later on I also got a Pioneer VSX-924 to which I connected the RaspberrPi (and other Devices like a Chromecast, Wii, Blu-Ray Player, …) and it is also connected to the LG 26LE5500 of course. But with this setup, HDMI-CEC does not work very well or at all.

SimpLink/HDMI-CEC (to the RaspberryPi) will work if I:

  • first connect the RaspberryPi directly to the TV
  • then activate the SimpLink on the TV
  • then disconnect the RaspberryPi from the TV and instead connect it to the Pioneer receiver again

When doing this, HDMI-CEC will continue to work until the TV and/or the receiver is turned off. After that, the TV cannot make the SimpLink connection anymore.

Now, my question is actually the following: does anyone have any further experience with HDMI-CEC over a Pioneer receiver or specifically a Pioneer VSX-924? I am (finally) getting a new (proper) TV and I would really want the HDMI-CEC connection between the RaspberryPi and the TV (with the receiver in between) to work again. So I was wondering maybe it's just an incompatibility between the Pioneer and the specific LG TV... or may be between all Pioneer receivers and all LG TVs and so on (and thus maybe I should stick with a Samsung one or another brand).

Does anyone have any insights or recommendations?
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