The next generation of TVs from LG are about to be unveiled at CES 2019. In anticipation of this year's show, LG has issued a press release announcing some of the advances it plans to show in its lineup of TVs. These include a new processor, the Alpha 9 Gen 2, the adoption of HDMI 2.1, and an 8K flagship—the SM99 75" LCD TV.

LG keeps the ThinQ branding for its AI technologies, which now includes support for Amazon Alexa in addition to Google assistant. This year, LG’s Z9, W9, E9 and C9 series OLED TVs will utilize a "deep learning algorithm" that draws off a database of over million images to guide the TV in selecting the best processing for any given piece of content.

Home cinema buffs will be excited to hear that LG will offer an 88 inch Z9 OLED!

There is some new product naming of foot this year, NanoCell TV. This is what LG will call its premium IPS LCD offerings (SM9X and SM8X series) in order to highlight the technologies used within.

HDMI 2.1 is on its way. All 2019 LG OLED TVs, as well as select NanoCell TVs that have ThinQ AI will now support HFR (high frame rate) 4K at 120 Hz. Also coming to these TVs is VRR (variable refresh rate) as well as ALLM (automatic low latency mode). Furthermore, HDMI 2.1 will bring eARC support that will handle uncompressed 3D immersive audio with a single HDMI cable connection between the sound system and a TV.

The ThinQ AI functionality utilizes Amazon Alexa to allow easy control over your home entertainment ecosystem using the Amazon Prime Video button on LG's Magic Remote.  Through that portal, it's possible to manage smart home devices, query Alexa on various topics, access tens of thousands of skills, and set up Alexa routines.

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