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First, I am new to this forum. Hi to all... Just bought a new LG32LH30 from Newegg. Right out of the box, audio via internal speakers quit. LG tech came out and fixed by replacing the main circuit board. I was amazed on how few parts there are for these LCD TVs. A power supply, IC board and a screen.

Remaining issues include white light spilling out from left edge of screen (backlight I assume), and some kind of power interference emmitted from this set causing my other non-LCD TVs display a few thin horizontal lines stretching from side to side and scrolling from bottom to top. I'm sure there is a term for this condition, but I can't think of it.

Some specifics on the power interference issue. The intereference is on my other sets whether or not the LG set is on or off; as long as the LG set is plugged in to the AC outlet, it emmits that interference. Unplug the LG power cord and the noise/interference goes away. The interference lines are not present on the LG set when viewing HD channels, only shows up on the LG set when viewing non-HD CATV channels.

I selected this set because it was the only one I found with a RF antenna input. I connect my CATV source directly to the F connector input, no dig. set top box used.

I have another appointment scheduled for LG tech next week. So far LG support is OK. I wish the product was more reliable.

Any of you all having similar issues? Any comments would be appreciated.

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I am really sorry you are having this many problems with your new TV. In general, LG is a reliable brand.

It sounds like the LG is giving off Radio Freguency Interference (RFI) that is affecting your other TV.

Did you tell the first LG tech about the interference? If so, what did he say? If not, tell the one who is coming out next week, and tell him that problem is unacceptable.

There is a small chance that your RF cable has faulty shielding. Can you try a different RF cable, just to rule out a defective cable?

Have you called your cable company? I would call and discuss the problem with them.

I wonder if switching to HDMI or even Component cable hook-up would cure the RFI.

As a last resort, you might want to try a digital set-top-box if nothing else works. You could switch to a digital box for a month just to try to isolate where the problem is.

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