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LG55LH90 -- newer alternative that's better

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As the title states -- is there a current model that's better than the LG55LH90 while also considering current prices? I'm looking for a 55" TV and from what I read -- this TV beats most of the current sets because the trend seems to be to do edge-lit displays.
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yea it seems like LG decided to put out just "meh" tv sets for 2010 compared to the awesome LH90 from 2009. My guess is they will focus even more on Full Array LED for their 2011 models and try to put out a comparable model.. I also read on flatpanelshd.com that LG is going to be focusing even more on their borderless designs.
I just bit the bullet and purchased an LG55LH90 since I was tired of looking. It was about $200 cheaper than the Vizio XVT553SV. I could have waited and got a Samsung un55c6300 for about the same price on Black Friday at Best Buy but it's edge-lit and I'd have to pay tax and wait with the masses on that day; or rather my parents would -- it's for them.

I couldn't persuade them to look at plasma so I think this is one of the better deals in a 55" TV. This replaces a Sharp Aquos LC-47LE700UN which will replace an old Toshiba 32" CRT that's on the fritz. I own a Toshiba 55SV670u so will be interested to see how all of these compare.

It's hard to talk about value without bringing up price but what other 55" models might have been better/less expensive? The only other one that I was considering was the LG 55LD520 without LED that could have been significantly less expensive but was rated well. Hoping the LG55LH90 doesn't disappoint and it's about half of it's MSRP now that it's last year's model so it could have been worse. I'm usually about buying the newest tech but the edge-lit LED didn't really seem like an advancement.
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