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Special thanks to AVSForum for the chance to have an open discussion.
I am going to introduce out new product line of smart home system, Libertas, the result of 10 years of R&D.
My name is Qingjun Wei, founder of Libre Home Inc.
  1. Bottom line, we believe in innovation and decency!
  2. Do simple things other systems cannot do.
  3. Full digital independence and privacy protection.
We spent 10 years designing the entire system to make every sense. If anybody thinks otherwise, let’s have an open discussion.

First, Do Simple Things Other Systems Can’t Do
No other system allows you to blink a bunch of light bulbs at will. How simple is that?
Sure you may never need to blink light bulbs.
But do you ever wonder, what else they cannot do? Well, the answer is, unlimited number of things, mathematically speaking.
We were granted a patent on it.
There are patent infringements, some vendors later tried to correct. But still, you cannot blink a bunch of light bulbs on other systems!
Our Hub is an ultimate IoT programming machine without restriction, an Operating System for IoT.

Digital Independence and Privacy Protection
Every other system tries to lock you into their service. We do not!
Independence = Forever
The system shall be fully functional without our service.
We encourage users to set up “port forwarding” on their routers to disconnect from our bridging service.

Privacy - Never Steal any Data
Your communication is always “end-to-end encrypted”, even if you use our bridge service.

Ultimate IoT Programming Machine
It can do anything logical. It’s free to develop, free to contribute, and free to share.
The “blinking light bulbs” example that I mentioned at the beginning, is only 10 lines of code! Yet no other systems can do it.
Full developer guides can be found here.

“Smart” Everything Will be Open Sourced
One can’t exploit the people with several hundred lines of code and expect people to “get used to it” from this generation on!
This is the way! Your freedom is yours.

How Much RF can be Optimized?

All our devices have RF output of 5mW, compared to 150mW for WiFi devices and routers.
Our remote control is powered with 2 AAA batteries that last 2 years.
Users are welcome to publish their own benchmarks of the RF range. Can our remote reach longer than your WiFi router?

Innovation on Every Device
Here are two examples:
Libertas In-Wall Switch

Libertas Smart Remote

More product videos will be released later

Current Products

Follow this link to check out our products.

Robust and Stable
Hub, devices, and the Android App are rock solid now. As long as not physically abused, all kinds of benchmarks are welcome.
iOS App is currently under QA and will be released anytime soon.

IoT App is Everything
Our patent centers around our Libertas IoT App Engine.
Third-party Voice Assistant can be an IoT App.
A smart thermostat or smart sprinkler can be an IoT App.
An IoT App usually has dozens of lines of code (or hundreds). We promote open source Apps with our community. Contribution and sharing are unrestricted.
Please note IoT App is not Smartphone App. IoT App runs on our Hub, while Smartphone App runs on phones.

New Business Model
We charge a fixed license fee for every third party device connected. However,

You Get 1000 Device Licenses
As early users, you get a Hub with 1000 device licenses. It is perpetual across Hub replacements for lifetime. So you are covered.

License without Privacy Infringement
Device license is a digital signature bound with your Hub’s IEEE address. It is verified internally in Hub. We still know nothing about you, as we never want to know.

Protecting Users’ Investment
Most users may have already purchased some smart home devices. Are those compatible with our system?

For more information, read our blog post.

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A Blog Post about Our Business Mission
“Promoting the Freedom, Independence, and Privacy of end-users”.
In this 3 minutes read, I have a lot of explanation to do. Especially I need to lay out things like design details that align with the mission, possible conflict of interests, innovation, and economic & social cost.
There is one particular problem I think worth mentioning. No other system can let users do simple things such as “blinking a bunch of light bulbs at will”. It reflects the social and economic problems we are having. We need to have an open discussion.
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