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I've got a variety of Liberty Wire & Cable integration products available for sale in the Houston area and I need to lighten my load drastically so I can get into my storage unit again.
I'm not a dealer and these are the only items I have available in bulk. If you want more than one spool make me an offer.

Here's what I have:

LW&C 23 AWG plenum HDSDI (black) in spools of 500' with LW&C 23 AWG compression connectors to match (blue)

$65 per 500' spool, 20 connectors for $10

LW&C 26 AWG plenum RGBHV and Y/C (black) in spools of 500' with LW&C 26 AWG compression BNC connectors to match (orange)

$80 per 500' spool of RGBHV, $60 per 500' spool of Y/C, 25 connectors for $10

LW&C 22 AWG 4 conductor shielded w/drain in white in 500' spools

$40 per 500' spool

I do have some partial spools of each but mostly it's all full 500' spools still wrapped in plastic from Liberty. I've got limited quantities of Liberty VGA breakouts like this http://www.libertycable.com/prod_details.php?pitem=E-VGAM-5BNCF-1 to convert the RGBHV to VGA. I also have similar S-video breakouts to convert the Y/C cable to S-video. I know Liberty sells RCA compression connectors for this wire which most of you would like, I just don't currently have any for sale.

If you're looking to prewire a room, a house or a community I may be able to help you out at a fraction of retail price. I'd rather not mess with shipping this stuff due to the weight, I live in the Houston area.
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