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I posted the below in general screen forum and didn't get any reply. Hope I can get some feedback here.....

I'm planning to go with DIY painted screen for my set-up. This is my first FPJ set-up and first attempt at DIY screen. I'm looking to go for a 130" diagonal 16:9 screen. Since I live on the 9th floor of an apartment building, getting such large substrate into my apartment is not easy.

I'm seriously considering a 6mm thickness 2mx3m Forex sheet (rigid pvc board similar to Sintra) as a substrate, over a 3mm same dimension dibond sheet. Reason to consider the pvc board is for lighter weight (easy to carry up the stairs) and lower cost (vs dibond).

The question I have is regarding the life of these sheets. I plan to fix the pvc board on the wall with double sided tape. I live in middle east (UAE) which gets very hot during summer. I would like to know from people who use(d) these sheets as substrate, how long before you started noticing warping/bowing/twisting of these sheets.Do these screens last at least a couple of years before they become unusable?

The other option I'm considering is going for a slightly smaller (120") screen of dibond. I can get 1.5m x 3m dibond sheets for similar pricing, although I would really like to go for as bigger screen as possible.

In case if anyone is wondering why I'm not going for a fabric/flex material - Its not easy to get milliskin in this part of the world and I'm also not very good at DIY to make my own frame. Overall this option could end up getting more expensive as well.

Thanks for helping me out.

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In a interior location, coated w/Paint (...it is used as "Sign Board" material...) and firmly attached to a wall, I can assure you that your Double Sided Tape will fail long before the PVC Board would ever have an issue whatsoever.

The 6 mm material will "NOT" bow, twist, warp, curl, or get wavy in any way. But.....do yourself a favor and don't scrimp on the Double Sided Tape

Your all good.
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