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Lifts and Hideaway Solutions for Your TV

By Marshal Rosenthal
Motorized lifts are a great option for concealing your flat-panel TV.

As ludicrous as it seems, today's HDTVs still share something in common with those bulky old cathode tube-style TVs of yesteryear - they're placed on stands or cabinets. But regardless of where the TV sits, it would be ideal to only see it, when it's on. Leaving aside aesthetic considerations, the mechanics for hiding a TV are attainable by just about anyone - requiring just a lift mechanism, a cabinet and the ability to assemble it all together.

Pop Goes The TV

A TV not only takes up space when it's on a stand, it also tends to dominate a room. This isn't a good thing when you've a small bedroom. Chief's CM2L40 Automated Pop-Up Lift brings the TV to you, only when you want it. It works inside of a piece of custom cabinetry and has two positions, show and store. The motor raises the lift as much as 40-inches, with it collapsing to a stored height of only 31-inches. Control options include an IR remote, serial communication, and a hard button. It can handle a flat panel (and possibly one of the now very lightweight DLP, such as a Samsung LED model) from 31-to-61 inches weighing up to 190 lbs.

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