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Ok, so I went through the infamous Left Side Shadow issue with my Sammy...(HLR 4667W) Took care of things with Samsung...They replaced the light engine...Went to the replacement "Zeiss" (sp) Engine...(I was told by the tech that it would be a better engine.)

They went through the service menu and set some values....and bailed. I noticed immediately how much brighter it was. I didn't think my bulb was starting to fade,but I did have calibrated settings, and the new engine was right out of the box, and definitely needed a few changes. I quickly set the brightness down and changed the contrast, thinking it would get by until I got home from work...(maybe protect that new bulb in case the wife turned it on for the boy.)

I have been playing around with the settings for a few days now, and am disappointed in the macroblocking. Dark scenes on Dish broadcasts look like a bad oil painting... I know broadcast feeds are ****, but, calibrated, the last engine wasn't nearly as bad. I am even getting it on Gears Of War, Which NEVER happened until this engine. (I have the VGA connection and was happy as hell with DVD playback until now.)

My question is this: Did they miss something in the values set out of the box?

It is definitely the new engine. Calibrating with standard menu values is not doing the trick.

I definitely plan to call Sammy Support. But has anyone seen this issue? I had read everyone's issues with Macroblocking on this set, but while noticeable before...I had almost eliminated it on standard def. Dish broadcast. And pretty much completely obliterated it on DVD's and Never once saw it on games.
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