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hey all,

it's been awhile since i've been back to the screens forum and didn't know till recently that a diy section had been created. i was definitely curious as to the developement of light fusion screens.

also was wondering, since mm is going round and doing up screens for folks, what the satisfaction level is? not to discount all the hard work mm himself has put into it,and all the diy directions he's posted, for that mm, thanks. what i'm seeking is reaction from a "customer" who has experience with diy,and hopefully other screens. of course i mean for home theater applications.

there's got to be a bunch of folks now that have them and can do a review and post pics right?

i'm just dying for some more feedback on these screens. i don't have the patience or time and most of all skill, to make one myself, it seems mm is the only game in town. mm if you are reading this, it's not that i don't trust you, it's that i don't trust anyone :D myself included!

independant corroboration of the beauty of an mm painted lf screen with pics,

lots of em(reviews from multiple customers)

mm, you've got to get on the backs of your clients and make them give you some respect, publicly. i know if i were a satisfied customer, i would. are they a bunch of ingrates?

am i ranting? sorry, it's just been a while now and i thought more "light" would have been shed as far as lf screens are concerned.

if i've missed some posts somewhere where reviews from customers are present please point me in the right direction.

or better yet, are there any in the san francisco area so i can see it with my own two eyes?

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