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I'm having my basement remodeled into a recroom/mediaroom. The build-out thread is here .

I pulled this question out of the build thread to highlight the burning question I have.

And so, without further adeau:

So, I did a walkthrough with my electrician. I'm not the greatest with lighting, and he didn't seem to want to be pushy. So, I was hoping someone here could help out.

I put some lighting into SketchUp (I'm having problems w/ the rendering plugins, so I can't really tell what it'll look like).

So, here's the entryway. The ceiling height is 8' w/ 7' soffets. In the small ceilng area (right off the stairs), I put 2 small canlights. Then 4 as teh main lighting. Then 3 pendants over the pool table and 2 small cans over the sink.

The bar's an L-bar with 3 pendants over the main part (7' long), and 1 pendant over the short-side (~3ft).

The back area is 43' long, and around 10.5' wide and I've got pairs of cans back there. Does that look right, or will it be as bright as the sun?

Lastly, the Media room. I've got 2 cans in the walkway in front of the laundry room. In the main seating area, I have put 4 small can lights on either side of the inset ceiling. The dark gray circles are the 5.1 speakers.

So, how wrong am I? Is that way too many cans in the back walkway? Is it enough lighting in the media room? Should we have a couple of small canlights behind the counter (illuminating the tabletop for eaters)?

Any help is appreciated!
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