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limit to number of extention cables used on xbox controller?

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Hi guys,

Here at work, game sites are blocked, so I can't search the web for the answer to this. Also, I have searched the forum for xbox, controller, extender, and can't find an answer, which means that the next post will be to a thread someone found searching ;)

But I'm building a riser for my theater, and need to use more than one extender for my controllers. I have a wireless controller, but I dig talking on xbox live too much to go all wireless.

Thanks for any help you can provide
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It's just a USB cable, so subject to the same limitations. (10 meters I think)

If you want to get crafty, you could buy an extension cable, a short USB F-F cable (or just the connectors), cut them in half, and make a USB-F to Xbox-M cable and a USB-F to Xbox-F cable, and use a 6m USB cable to connect the two.

You could just make a single 6m+ extension cable that way, but the smaller adapaters could potentially be more useful.
10 meters, Cool! I don't need anywhere near ~30 feet. 20 feet should do nicely. Looks like I'm off to buy a bunch of extenders at lunch.

Thanks stormsweeper :)
Actually, it's not just a USB cable, there's an extra wire in there, though I'm not sure it's actually used by the standard controller.
2 x 8' extensions is about max , 3 will result with controller errors or no function at all from my experience [ I think 24' is about max ] .

----- Jason
gamepimp is right, 2 extensions is max. Xbox controllers are just USB 1.1 with an extra port identification wire. as such, without a hub it is limited to the same 20-25 foot max as USB (i dont remember the exact length off the top of my head). that means 9' controller cable plus 2 6' extensions is pushing it at 21 feet. i personally have never had a problem with this setup :) i run my controllers to underneath my couch, so i just have to reach under me to start playing. no cables to trip on ever is great, as is the lack of cables hanging of the front of my rack.

as for this being answered before... yes i have answered it before on this forum, with researched links and much more depth. i just dont feel like putting that much effort into it this time :)
I also heard something about a wireless bluetooth xbox controller thats compatible with xbox live although i forgot the brand. It was shown at e3 so it should be out soon.
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