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linacoustic rolls locally are yellow

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I found a local dist. that has Linacoustic 4' x 100' rolls in stock at $150.00

He described them as yellow fiberglass backed by aluminium foil backing on one side.

Would this be ok for my side and backwall treatments..they will be under Gom dark burgundy fabric.

Will i have great difficulty hiding the yellow?

The front wall would be covered by black fabric yet to be purchased.

I was unable to find reasonably priced black rolls locally.

Any advice is appreciated,

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Did he let you look at it. this mite not be a Johns manville product
Hmm. That doesn't sound like the stuff we use. Linacoustic RC isn't yellow and doesn't have a foil backing. Double check with your supplier and ask him if "Linacoustic Permacoat Duct Liner" rings a bell. He might recognize it by that. It typically comes in 48" x 100 ft rolls, is 1" thick, is black, soft like fiberglass, and one side has a black coating on it to make it a little stiffer, but still flexible.
What they said. The yellow stuff sounds more like the stuff they use to insulate the outside of ducts. Make sure you ask for "duct liner" and not "duct insulation".
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