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New version Linear power module (LPM) - Oppo BD models 105/105D, 103/103D, 101, 95

Linear/analogue power module (LPM), as replacement for the original SMPS in Oppo BD player (it fit now for all models).
The LPM it use the latest performants regulators devices on market, it include two AC main filtering cells, for the R core transformer, as for the original Oppo`s toroid (analogue stage), very large filtering capacities (double layers capacitors with a total capacity of 2F for both main DCpoawer rails). Rock solid stability on large main AC fluctuations. The R core transformer is customised for a minimal overall heat dissipation, and is damped mounted to prevent any vibrations to be transmit it to the chassis. An extra HF filtering cell on the end of the connection cable it prevent digital noises from the main board to be induced back into the LPM. Remote curent sensing it ensure a very accurate regulation level at the end connection point.
The new version LPM it dissipate through the device chassis. However, there is recommended a forced ventilation for 105/105D models.
The residual ripple (and its harmonics) level on this new version LPM is under 1µV on full load (5v/5A), and no any HF noises (measured on resistive load).
Replacing the original SMPS for the main board by this LPM, it improve dramatically the quality of both video and audio.
Easy installation, no soldering involved, just connecting the connectors. All installation instructions and support included.

Kit`s price 350$ + 50$ shipping (with tracking) worldwide. The old version it still be available for a price of 290$ + 50$ shipping


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