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I have two receivers and am trying to figure out how I want to set this up for lowest cost/best performance. Want to keep the receivers and all of the input devices, but realize I may need to buy cables, HDMI switches, etc.


TWO Sony STR-DH520 (7.1 channel, 4 HDMI inputs, one HDMI out, HDMI passthrough, etc.)

Specs: http://esupport.sony.com/CA/p/model-home.pl?mdl=STRDH520&template_id=1&region_id=3&tab=manuals#

Output devices:

LCD TV (family room, plugged into Receiver A)

Projector (outdoors on covered patio, plugged into Receiver B)

Full set of indoor speakers (Receiver A)

Full set of outdoor speakers (Receiver B)

Input devices:

Sony PS3

OTA antenna

WDTV live

Monoprice Bluetooth adapter (has an optical output. Allows connection of cell phone to this device for streaming audio to receiver(s))

What do I want?

I want to be able to use any of the four input devices on BOTH receivers. So if I play tunes with the Monoprice BT adapter, I should be able to hear them indoors and out.

I don't care to watch/use multiple devices at once. No real need to watch a movie indoors and listen to music outdoors at the same time. I am perfectly fine with music everywhere from the same BT phone, watching the same WDTV source on both the indoor and outdoor TV, seeing the PS3 on both TV's at once if I'm playing it, etc. Usually we are listening to music on both the indoor and outdoor speakers OR we are using just one of the TV's. Never will the TV and Proj be in use at the same time really.

Volume control does need to be separate between receivers, as one is outdoors. We may want to crank the sound indoors and still have it outdoors but at lower volume.

My thoughts on how to do this?

Plug all of the inputs into Receiver A.

Connect the output of Receiver A into a Monoprice 1x2 HDMI splitter (powered)

From the splitter, run one HDMI cable to my TV (so Receiver A and the TV function as they do today)

Run another HDMI cable to Receiver B (so ALL output from Receiver A goes into Receiver B. Receiver B is "dumb" and just repeats everything it sees/hears)

Am I approaching this correctly? I don't want to have to split EACH input device into two, but I think I could do it with two 1x2 splitters... The Monoprice BT adapter has analog+optical out so that's easy to run to 2 receivers. And the OTA coax can be easily split. So it would just be the WDTV and PS3 that are the issue.

Thoughts? Do I do it with one splitter (run Receiver A > Receiver B) or will I have more flexibility/future possibilities/easier setup if I just split everything into two inputs and run them into separate receivers right from the beginning?

BONUS QUESTION: The outdoor speakers tend to get cranked in the summer and I don't want to tick off the neighbours. People will grab the remote and turn it as LOUD as they can. I want to limit this and the receiver doesn't have any kind of volume limit setting from what I can see. I could probably turn down the bass a lot and that will fix most of the problem. My solution so far (will this work?): I will grab a few Monoprice in-wall speaker controller knobs (the volume controls that go in a single gang box) and wire them inline with the speakers. There will be a 1ft speaker wire from the receiver, then a speaker controller, then the runs of speaker wire going to the speakers. That way I can hide the controllers behind the receivers, set them to 6/10 (or whatever limit I want) and nobody can crank the volume louder than I have restricted them to. Only issue is that the receiver will be at full volume at times yet there will be a downstream restriction.. is this bad? The speakers will never clip/distort though as I would only be driving them with less power.

Thoughts? comments? Am i totally off base?
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