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Hi budget minded HT people,

Who knows how long the Sanyo XW15/20 & clones (Boxlight XP5T & 8T) will remain competitive but there are a few very happy XW owners around (incl me). I dug up some good threads which might help somebody out.

This is by no means a definitive list - more of a good starting point for newcomers looking for basic info on the XW.

pgitta's XW15 review, long thread lots of thoughtful posts

XW15 service menu notes

720P through the XW15

XW15 screen poll

where to buy an XW15 (as of 2/18/02)

tweaking the XW15 - includes suggestions for optimizing brightness, contrast, color levels, etc.

long review/shootout of XW15 vs. Panasonic 701u by glavs

XW15: HTPC vs DVD player

long thread with lots of info on "dead" pixels and the XW15

XW15/XP-5t Owners Unite!

And be sure to check out Novanus excellent shrine to the XW15:

Poor man's home theatre with screenshots

edited (this link appears to be dead - Nova you still out there?)

Nova's XW15 FAQ

this one still works as of Nov 15
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